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Where do I send my application?
Please send your application to the Administrative Officer at enclosed address.

How does the application process work?
Once the Team Commander receives your application, it will be examined to see if you meet the requirements for a specific position (e.g. forensic dentist, medical investigator, etc.). The application will also be examined to see if it meets all NDMS requirements for completeness. Then, it will be sent to NDMS for processing. Once this is complete, the Team Commander or Administrative Officer will be notified about your status. Each federal position is tied to a specific hourly wage that you will be paid while deployed.

How long does it take to become a DMORT member?
It can take up to one year to become a member. The process is long, so please be patient. If you have an email address, you will be added to the Regional list upon receipt of your application by the administrative officer.

How will I know when I become a member?
You will receive a DMORT Identification card in the mail from the Team Commander or Administrative Officer.

How will I receive information about DMORT activities?
Our preferred method of communication is via email. Email allows for timeliness and rapid response, and the interactive nature of email is beneficial. Given the number of team members and the cost of preparing mailings, email is the most efficient and reliable way to communicate.

Does DMORT require a uniform?
There is a standard DMORT uniform of khaki BDUs. Specific patches are required for the uniform. Uniforms are purchased by each team member. More information on uniforms will be provided once you become a team member.

What do I do when a disaster happens in the region?
Stay abreast of information from news sources. Be sure to note the type of disaster (flood, hurricane, aircraft accident, etc), the location, the number of deceased, and the weather. DMORT usually receives a preliminary notice a few hours following the disaster. At this point, you may be called to check your availability for deployment. Once an assessment of the disaster has been made by federal authorities, the Team Commander will be informed about the number and type of team members needed. At this point, you may receive a call officially deploying you. You will then receive a call from the NDMS to arrange your travel to the disaster site. It usually takes the DMORT team from 24 to 48 hours to arrive on site and begin the operation.

How long does deployment last?
Typically, we ask for a two week commitment, but this is dependent on the disaster.

What should I tell my employer?
It is the responsibility of the team member to speak with their employer in advance about their desire to become a DMORT member. There should be a understanding by the employer that you may be called at short notice and be gone for up to two weeks. Although DMORT will pay you a federal salary based on your DMORT position, we cannot reimburse your employer for your time. You need to arrange with your employer any aspects of your service with DMORT.

Who can I call with questions?
Please call the Team Commander, Deputy Commander, or Administrative Officer.


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